Founded and fueled by dedication to rescuing dogs, K911! is the fasted growing canine behavior program in Austin, Texas.


Jonas Black, founder and owner, has had a life-long fascination with animal behavior, in particular Canis Lupus, the modern domesticated dog. From a young age Jonas displayed a keen understanding of canine behavior. When he was six years old and his Opa's dog Charlie split his lip, Jonas calmly explained to the family that it was actually his own fault and not Charlie's while he received 8 stitches in his upper lip. He began working with canines at the age of 9 at the Alameda Park Zoo in Alamogordo, New Mexico where he tended to the coyote and wolf exhibits.

Jonas moved to Austin, TX in 2012 after his band's van broke down. He thought,"this looks like the place". After struggling to find his true purpose in life he once again began working with rescues, in particular Addicus' Legacy Rescue & Luck Lab Rescue. Jonas decided it was time to follow his passion in 2016 when he made the decision to stop studying engineering and open a business dedicated to giving other people hope for not only their dogs but also hope for their own relationships with their dogs.

Jonas is a Balanced Approach canine professional. The theory and application is simple: redirect behavior and then positively reinforce proper manners. This approach to training coupled with a true understanding of canine psychology (pack structure, the importance of predictability, and relationships) Jonas has shattered the glass ceilings of owners' expectations time and time again by formulating a custom approach to each and every client's needs. No two dogs are treated the same way right off the bat. Jonas takes his time during the consultation session to really get to know the dynamic between owner and canine.

"We only achieve these drastic outcomes because we coach the relationship first, and that first step always involves structured walking daily with your dog", says Jonas on a regular basis. Jonas' theories and his application of those theories have changed the lives of hundred and hundreds of people and thousands of canines. 

Jonas and K911! have been featured on Fox News 7's Good Day Austin during a rescue campaign for two unwanted black lab mixes, when no one wanted them Jonas offered thousands of dollars of free training to anyone that adopted them, and when that failed but they found a home in Connecticut, Jonas and the K911! Family fundraised enough money for Jonas to personally take the two dogs to Connecticut, transition them properly, and keep his promise and dedication to rescuing dogs intact. 

Still, despite having an incredibly successful business Jonas spends at least twenty hours a week working with foster dogs for free: resolving behavior issues, keeping dogs in homes, and saving canine lives in the process.

After a year of doing this, we can truly say that Jonas walks his talk.